Welcome To Trinity Underground, LLC.

Trinity Underground, LLC. is a unique one of a kind property located in the fastest growing county in the Greater Saint Louis (MSA) area. The roots of this Unique Mine started back in 1904 by the Crystal Carbonate Lime, Co. Twenty years later the Columbia Mining Company leased out the space until the mid 1940’s. Independent mining companies continued to mine the rich Kimmswick Limestone rock at this location until the early 1960’s. Mining operations eventually ended leaving behind a vast network of passages that are ready to be brought into the 21th century.

What to do with an old limestone mine?

Fill it –

With people, supplies, offices, warehouses, cold storage, call center, data center, distribution center, fulfillment center and a retail center.

Why not add underground amenities for the sake of pure entertainment:

A “lodge,” "theater,“ ”bowling lanes,” “shooting range,” “archery range,” “fishing bridge,” “restaurant,” “wine and beer garden,” “volley ball court,” "swimming pool” and a “museum.”

Let’s not forget the adjacent two acres lake ideal for the fishing enthusiast.

Advantages to underground:

This underground space offers several advantages. You do not have to deal with the elements. It provides a naturally cool, protected, and secure environment. Building underground saves on construction costs.

Underground also reduces energy consumption, which in turn lowers your utility costs. The natural underground temperature is about 63 degrees year round. This makes warming or cooling to any desired temperature a fraction of that of surface buildings.

With disaster recovery becoming more important, companies can house computer systems, and emergency supplies underground.

Trinity Underground, LLC.